Custom Saunas

Complete Your Custom Sauna For Personalized Relaxation

A custom sauna is the perfect option for those who know just how they like it. You can integrate a sauna perfectly into your property by designing one to the exact size and specifications that you need. If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, there are expert sauna builders that can do all the work for you. If you're in the Greater Sudbury area, the experts at Nordic Energy will take care of you.

The Sauna Building Blocks

Your custom made sauna, no matter how extravagant and lavish, will be made of the same basic building components as all others. These basic components will be:

  1. Reflective foil and wood paneling
  2. A wood / glass door that helps keep the heat in
  3. The heater itself. Either a wood, electric or infrared heater option is available
  4. A heater guard
  5. Rocks for the heater
  6. The benches and backrests for your lounging and seating pleasure
  7. Sauna lights which can withstand the high heat and humidity that exists in all saunas
  8. Vents and air intake points

The location of those components, the size of the space they fill, and how it all looks is up to you! Speak to a qualified design consultant to realize your dreams.

Select Your Wood

The best customized saunas in Canada are made from 3 main types of wood that are commonly found in our country. they are also a high quality construction material for custom made saunas:

  1. Western red cedar – it possess a natural moisture repelling oil that allows it to resist decay and stay looking new longer
  2. Hemlock – this wood is not only strong, but beautiful as well. It’s abundance also allows it to be a cost effective choice
  3. Poplar – this quick growing wood has the benefit of being very soft despite its classification as a hardwood

Other wood options that are less commonly found are Spruce (small tight knots) and African Whitewood (Abachi, Obechi, Wawa).

No matter how good the wood you choose, it will still need to be dried. Air drying is an option still taken by some manufacturers, and it can work to get some moisture out of the wood. To get the moisture content below 10%, where it becomes truly exceptional wood to build a sauna from, kiln drying is recommended. Be prepared to discuss the wood options with your design consultant when you’re in the initial consultation phase for your custom made sauna.

We'll have a sauna consultant locator coming in the future. But if you're near Sudbury Ontario, call or visit Nordic Energy. Their expert team has been serving the sauna community for over 40 years.