Conpert – Sauna Style
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Preserve your sauna wood with a natural feeling, almost invisible finish. Conpert will prevent decay and water or dirt induced damage. Unlike other finishes, this one is odourless and will dry matte, leaving it feeling and looking like untreated wood. It can be used on all interior wood surfaces and even makes a great sealer for interior concrete surfaces as well.

Notes for use: Can be used in saunas, hot tubs rooms, shower/washrooms, indoors pools, etc...

Instructions for use on wood:

- Mix well before using

- Apply with a brush (2 coats all around, 3-4 on surfaces exposed to water and most frequently touched (ie. benches, door handle and around door handle, where backs touch the wall, etc). 

Instructions for use on concrete:

- Mix 1 part conpert with 4 parts water. Mix well.

- Apply with brush or roller. One thick coat should be sufficient.

Product Details:

- Coverage: up to 285 square feet.

- Size: 1.89 L

- Dry time: ½ hour in 20

- Application Temperature: ONLY apply in above 5℃ temperatures. PROTECT FROM FREEZING

- Clean up: Brushes can be cleaned with water.

Must keep from freezing. Only shippable in certain months when there is no risk of freezing enroute.

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