Soapstone sauna fountain on white background
Soapstone sauna fountain on white background
Soapstone sauna fountain on white background

Saunatroikka Fountain

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A soapstone fountain is the perfect way to enhance the atmosphere of your sauna. Nestle it into the rocks and prepare to have your senses engaged in a calming way. The Saunatroikka fountain has three spouts that gush peaceful spurts of water to help humidify your sauna and can be used to diffuse fragrance when you add just a few drops to the basin. You also get to listen to the pleasant bubbling of the fountain and hear the occasional splash hitting the stones. To use, simply fill the basin with warm water and wait for your sauna to heat up. No electricity or hooking-up required!

Notes for use: Place your Saunatroikka fountain so that it is in a well heated spot in the sauna rockbed. Be sure to nestle it so that the rim of the basin rises only slightly over the rocks and it MUST BE LEVEL (I.E. fountain spouts pointing straight up). Make sure that it does not come into contact with heating elements or exhaust piping. Pour warm water into the basin to use. Be careful to avoid pouring water into the fountain spouts to avoid heavy splattering. Add fragrance drops as desired. Refill as necessary. NEVER adjust the placement of the basin while the sauna stove is hot.

Product Details:

  • Size: 3.25” wide x 3.75” tall
  • Colour: may not be identical to picture as every piece of soapstone is unique
  • Number of waterspouts: 3
  • Comes with Finnish stones to fill the basin with.

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