Top 10 Essential Sauna Accessories That Every Sauna Must Have

Janne Ovaska

Sauna Accessories; Copper ladle, and birch vihta stacked on sauna bench

Sauna is a wonderful way to unwind and detoxify your body after a long day of work or intense exercise. But to truly enjoy the experience, you need to have the right sauna accessories and supplies on hand. In this article, we'll dive deeper into each of the ten must-have items for every sauna enthusiast.

10 Must-have Sauna Accessories:

  1. Bucket and Ladle
  2. Thermometer
  3. Sauna Soap
  4. Timer
  5. Towels
  6. Scents and Essences
  7. Backrests (and other comfort items)
  8. Sauna Hats
  9. Essence Evaporators
  10. Brushes and Loofahs

1. Sauna Bucket and Ladle

Let's start with the sauna bucket and scoop. This accessory is essential for creating steam and humidity inside the sauna. A high-quality purpose built bucket and scoop will not only make the experience more comfortable but also provide you with the perfect amount of water to throw on the hot rocks. A specially designed sauna bucket and scoop is made from materials that can withstand high temperatures and long handled scoops prevent any accidental burns or injuries. Whether you are looking for pure practicality and durability, or to match the aesthetic of your sauna room, there are countless sizes, materials, and looks to suit your needs.

A great example is this 5 liter bucket and ladle combo.

White sauna bucket and long handled ladle

2. Sauna Thermometer

Next up is the sauna thermometer. This item is essential for measuring the temperature inside the sauna. It lets you know when your sauna is ready, and helps you determine if the sauna is too hot or not hot enough, ensuring that you get the desired level of heat that suits your body. A thermometer is particularly important for beginners who may not be able to gauge the temperature by feel alone. It is also useful for seasoned sauna-goers who may want to adjust the temperature for a more intense session. Some thermometers include a hydrometer which reads the moisture content of the air in your sauna.

Sawo makes a great thermometer and hydrometer combo.

Cedar sauna thermometer and hydrometer

3. Sauna Soap

Sauna soap is a specially formulated soap designed to be used inside the sauna. Unlike regular soap, sauna soap is made with high temperatures in mind and won’t melt in the heat. Most sauna soaps contain essential oils such as eucalyptus, pine, or lavender that can help you relax and breathe easier in the warm and humid environment. Sauna soap is also gentler on your skin than regular soap, which can help reduce any irritation or dryness caused by excessive sweating.

Here is a classic tar scented sauna soap on a rope. Imported from Finland.

Bar of tar scented soap-on-a-rope sauna soap

4. Sauna Timer

A sauna timer is an essential accessory that helps you gauge the passing of time. It’s easy to lose track of time while relaxing in the steam. Whether you want to reach a minimum time in the heat, or want to ensure that you don’t overstay your welcome, timers help you achieve your goals and help minimize adverse effects. You can also use a timer to customize your sauna session and experiment with different durations.

This wall-mounted sauna sand timer works great for these purposes.

Cedar 15 minute sauna sand timer

5. Sauna Towels

Sauna towels are the perfect accessory to keep you comfortable in the sauna, and to dry you off afterwards. A good set of towels is made from high-quality, absorbent materials like cotton or linen. Sauna towels are designed to be extra-large, so you can wrap them around your body or lay them on the bench to absorb sweat. Having a few extra towels on hand is always a good idea, especially if you plan to share your sauna session with friends or family.

This towel from Harvia is a great addition to any sauna

Black Harvia Sauna Towel

6. Sauna Scents and Essences

Sauna scents are a great way to enhance your sauna experience. Adding a few drops of essential oils to loyly water and letting it evaporate on the rocks can help you relax and unwind even more. Essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint, or lavender have therapeutic benefits that can help reduce stress, improve your mood, and boost your overall well-being. Some sauna scents even have antiseptic properties that can help you fight off respiratory infections. Popular scents include Tar, Eucalyptus, and Birch.

Touch of Finland offers a great selection of sauna scents and oils.

A Collection of Rento Sauna scent bottles

7. Sauna Essence Evaporator

A sauna essence evaporator is a unique accessory that can help you enjoy your favorite fragrances inside the sauna. This accessory is designed to hold essential oils or sauna scents and disperse them into the air as steam is created. Simply nestle the reservoir among your sauna rocks, and add a mixture of water and your favorite scent. As the mixture boils, the scent will slowly be released into the room. This creates a constant scent that lasts for your entire sauna session. Some models include nozzles which create a small gurgling fountain once the water begins to boil.

This small soapstone diffuser cup is a great way to get started.

Small soapstone sauna scent diffuser cup

8. Backrests (and other comfort items)

Sometimes bliss doesn’t come from having a more intense experience, but by enjoying the experience you already have to a greater extent. These next two items address that idea.

Take your sauna experience to the next level, invest in items that eliminate minor discomforts. A backrest provides extra support and comfort for your back while you're sitting in the sauna. Made from comfortable materials like wood or foam, a backrest can help you relax even deeper and prevent any discomfort that may arise from sitting on a hard bench for an extended period.

Other comfort supplies include headrests to support your neck while lying down, and soft pillows specifically designed for use in the sauna.

Support your lumbar with this slanted Cedar Backrest!

A sauna bench backrest made of cedar wood

9. Sauna Hats

Another way to remove minor discomforts is to wear a sauna hat.

Sauna hats are a must-have accessory if you're concerned about protecting your hair or ear tips from the steam. A sauna hat is made from materials like wool or felt and helps regulate your head temperature while preventing the drying heat from damaging your hair. Sauna hats are also useful if you want to protect your scalp from the heat of the sauna. Learn more about sauna hats here.

View our selection of Ukrainian-made Sauna Hats

The Aviator style of wool sauna hat

10. Sauna Brush

Finally, since the sauna is a place of cleansing as much as it is a place of relaxation, a sauna brush is an accessory that can help you exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin. A sauna brush is made from soft materials like horsehair and is used for gently scrubbing the skin for exfoliating, or washing up. This helps remove dead skin cells and unclog pores, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Using a sauna brush also helps improve blood circulation, which can help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

This brush features a removeable head.

Long-handled bamboo bath brush


In conclusion, investing in these ten must-have accessories and supplies will help you make the most out of your sauna experience. Whether you're a seasoned sauna-goer or just starting, having the right accessories and supplies can enhance your relaxation, promote overall well-being, and provide a rejuvenating experience for your body and mind. So, don't hesitate to stock up on these must-have items and take your sauna experience to the next level.

What did you think of our list? Is there anything you would add or omit ? Leave a comment below, or share the article with your friends to let us know your thoughts.

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