Who is Sauna Style?

Janne Ovaska

Sauna hat, ladle and birch vihta

Imagine with me for a moment:

The smell of cedar planks. The sturdy bench beneath you. The feeling of warm air surrounding your body like the embrace of a loved-one. Peace of mind, holding strong in the knowledge that for at least the next half-hour, you're required to do nothing but sit back, relax, and enjoy. With eyes closed, you hear the sharp hiss of water suddenly trying to resist a change of state. But as the liquid collides with a pile of scorching rocks, it concedes a small cry of defeat and quickly cascades as vapor into the small volume of the wooden room. Drawing a deep breath in anticipation, you subconsciously brace for the shock of the wave. A moment of calm lasts just long enough for you to notice it's existence.

The heat begins as a slight tingling sensation on one side, but rapidly grows as the expanding cloud of steam continues to relentlessly engulf all in it's path. Each hair on your body lifts and stands strong in its place like trees in a wildfire as flames ripple past. Every hair is rooted in skin that soon starts to mirror the very same shade of red. Sweat beads out in a futile attempt to quench the inferno. But there's no use. There's no more sharp heat. The wave has passed. Your heart beats and skin radiates in celebration. Silence is all that remains, along with the occasional pop and crackle from the fire that continues to heat the stones in preparation for another round.

If you've had the pleasure of being in a sauna before, you can probably picture the situation quite well. We at Sauna Style live for that experience and we love to share it with others. By giving instruction, providing products, and referring resources, we help educate on, enable, and improve sauna use for enthusiasts all over the world.

Who is Sauna Style?

Sauna Style is a family-owned business. We call Canada home, but we come from a long line of Finns. Because of this Finnish heritage, sauna usage practically runs in our blood. Some of our ancestors were literally born in the sauna. You think I'm joking? A few of my earliest memories are of sitting in a basin of water on the sauna floor trying to stay cool while I looked up at my parents relaxing in the heat on the top bench.

Over the years, we've experienced all kinds of saunas. From more traditional saunas that are heated with wood fires, to electric saunas, or saunas with infrared panels. Even some combinations of the three, and other more unique methods of producing steam. We've used custom home-built saunas, large public saunas, kit-saunas, and even portable tent-saunas.

Now, saunas are a simple thing, all you need is a way to make steam, and a relatively airtight room. But you can get as crazy and creative as you want with them. For example, one of my favorite saunas has a waterproof stereo system and programable RGB mood lighting. Of course, a sauna doesn't need to have all those bells and whistles, but it sure is fun to listen to an audio book while relaxing, or jam to "Hot In Here" while dripping profusely in flashing colored lights.

Through building and using saunas for decades, we've truly experienced blood and tears, all in the search for the perfect sweat.

Where is Sauna Style located?

Sauna Style is located completely online. You can access our store from anywhere in the world at SaunaStyle.ca!

We also have a Facebook page. You can follow us there to view updates and be the first to see new content and promotions.

Because we're a small company and can only do so much, we only offer shipping to North America. We can't serve our international friends quite yet, because they would have to wait a long time and would pay more for shipping, and we don't want that! However, we do aim to serve everyone in the future.

Speaking of shipping, our warehouse is located near central Canada. This allows for quick deliveries to either coastin the United States and Canada, and anywhere in between!

Why did we start?

Our family has been serving our local sauna community for over 40 years, and we want to expand our reach to help and interact with sauna users in other communities as well.

Sauna Style was created as place to more easily share information and advice with a larger group of sauna enthusiasts.

We want to help others by sharing what we've learned in an easily accessible format. There's a lot of good information on the web. We aim to compile all of the good, helpful, and accurate knowledge into one place, providing you with the answers to your sauna related questions quickly, and with minimal effort.

If you're interested in receiving sauna tips, techniques, advice, resources, or want to learn some fun sauna history: sign up for our newsletter to be notified whenever we post something new.

We also carry a variety of high quality sauna tools and accessories to enrich your experience. From wool hats that keep your ears comfortable in the heat, to soaps and shampoos and the regular-use buckets and ladles. Feel free to browse our store to pick up anything you're missing before your next trip to the sauna!

Talk to you soon!

We look forward to connecting with you in the future. Stay tuned for more sauna content.

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